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Gligor-StojkovskiHe was born in Volkovija, Gostivar, on 7 August 1952. He is a journalist, editor, poet, publicist. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy (South Slavic Literatures) in Skopje. He worked in “Nova Makedonija” (1976-1999) as a journalist, editor of the Cultural Section and editor of the appendix “Lik” (1985-1998), a journalist in “Utrinski Vesnik” (1999-2001), editor-in-chief (2001-2997) and executive manager of “Cultura”. He is author of many books fo poetry and popular literature.He has been translated in English, Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbian and Croatian.

Works: Respite in genuine good wishes (1979), Spider (1984), The bottom of the eye (1990), Blood-stained dawns – how Koco Racin was killed (1992), A cold minute (1993), The earth will open itself (1996), Behind the herb-silence (1995), A forgotten eye in the sky (1997), The Drop Lead Water (selection, 2008).

Old Secrets

The rain violently fills
the shallow nests
the last war breath disappearing

homeless birds
drenched and banished
gather in a desolate castle

the rain undermines the roots
of their forest homes
and it seems they’ll disappear in a flash

their sighs scar the leaden clouds
and fill them with fresh birds’ blood
earthly sacrifice for the heavenly might

the horizon echoes with thunder
the answer follows the rains come
and drowns the tree-tops in huge cascades

torrents of turbid water
besiege the castle from all sides
the judgement day approaches

and then as a dream as a vague vision
a sail boat defies the flood
an ancient gray-haired man at the wheel

he knew the water would come
for he saw the faraway anger coming near
his soul exhausted and cold

his eyes piercing the raging heavens
asking for an answer offering an answer
the flood would solve nothing

some other rains will wash
the stones of the ancient homes
the crumbling walls will hide it all

and then in some silent night
they’ll unravel the old secrets
In the birds’ nests and the children’s dreams

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