Ana Brnardić - JULIET

the night fell and I could finally be Juliet
who sought love among the leaves and on the sea surface
nearby the hotel.
I found some young man there
eshatologically serious with book-black hair, white face
and eyes that promised themselves to the other world.
we cuddled in the hotel window inhaling the scent of laurels.
then as the wine began pulsating in our hands
we climbed down to the sea meandering by its side
leaving our historic bodies to the angel on duty.
we walked into the blackest forest
finding a secret passage leading to the bottom of the sea
where I learned how to conduct the choir of birds
who at night pick at the sea sand like blazing flames.
at dawn, Juliet disappeared behind the dark curtain.
golden letters were burning on the walls
emitted by the faraway sun
for the sake of those drowned souls.
touching them stealthily I climbed upstairs
where swarms of tired music students gathered, those
and girls, those nocturnal Juliets