What more fire send my uncertain night
You preside over this kingdom
so your will here on earth as in heaven
Just bitterness
the liquid salt in the letters of the name
because in your waist sweetness of lasciviousness it is revealed

So in a poem you naked
to feel the vertigo of the world
a pack

In you there is an abyss in which I boil
when you come after the holidays
planting flowers in the shadow of your breasts
where moisture seals bird songs in heat

Now scorches the arduous walk harmony of my words

And I'm ash and flame and combustion and nothing

Now you can see
Nothing belongs to us but is Wonder

For the female that the name has
heat waves in the sea in the storm

She knows that between her legs
of salt rompiente am sometimes

And it is a sky ablaze
where gulls rend
the brunette nudity Capricorn sun

A darker breath is in his pubis
The poison printed in the sand jellyfish
Inherited disease of scurvy

For her that right now is
the ocean current that keeps under her skirt
two captive moons winter

The dark water in the vertical curve of her legs

A rumpled wild lily in the distance

Rose and violence fulminated by the ray of sadness

But her breasts celebrates double rye bread
where my language is also the sickle mowing and harvest

where my hands are two peasant hands
to impregnate with saliva planting coffee in her nipples

In his blood remains rust taste of other days
honey worn years
illuminated by fish confused

Because it is easy to feel
twice in two lips my passion penetrates
brief clam both mouths

While the stunned silence of a room
draws the name of the landscape in which it fits
She's sea and cloudscape.