Light away because you can not stand the verte

Why you're leaving me too woman
when more I love you and leave you in pentagram five lines of my veins
Why me like ashes arm carrying the breath of summer
in a field on fire by the fury of my hands
I imagine in the city

You're as dark and light you emigrates

Because the disease comes from you I am blessed
crazy or drunk that sometimes is the same
For a venereal moisture stain tattooed
if I was born if I loved if I'm hurt

So when I look at the pages of time the letters of my life
I find my name written three times in a female body
You love life death

And there are days that confuse the executioner of your white skin
with my mother's favorite skirt
or pink dress she wore on Sundays
for my father forgot his belt
home of a hairdresser
Other evenings grow your splendid legs eneros
in which I recognize the songs on the foundation of his mother's home

Is that when you're angry talking about my childhood or just your gender?
You've seen me how I'm vibration as your answer comes
as the violent fruition of ignoring the rest because you're close
There are days when your flesh always in ciernes-
It has the smell of needles and tin
And your buttocks resembling a rocking chair
where the dream draws shortbread and tea bowls

But let's say one night at the end'm with you
completely free
Pleaser as someone willing to give their forgetfulness
Oh have you return most wise
and deranged as a guitar string strumming throat
as an angry sow that shatters my pillow
Then who for me can change the nightmare
if far from both the light emigrates

Ah hurt me to the core that an honest man can endure misfortune]
Even as close to my origin feet on the ground
Oh sweet what I can for you but a long ballad
in which the sting of the human heart swell its value against the void
boreal birds crossing as under a coppery sky
where you dance naked to order the world

I know that even then my life will have some sense
and there will be more in a broken home still life lira
But so you know you can call the tribe queen
at this moment and in eternity.