Jalal El Hakmaoui - ULTRASOUND

Hear distant sounds in the veins of your blood

small phalanges
caressing fingers inside your foliage
for your body ovillar

The weak humerus of his arms like a torch awakens skin on your shores

unseasonable moving under your flesh meat inside

on the beach you are inhabiting a lighthouse

at night these days I'm still in the dark
with ear on your belly


This image is:

a) The universe seen
from the perspective of God,
three days after starting their work:

b) a constellation of blood in the orbit of sleep.

c) Something more tangible: a future of calcium /
the future of a star / last
of a star / one star,

d) that it shapes sometimes tenderness
joy joy fury the most beautiful anger.

e) raw frond
on which rests a bruised heart.

f) The beat, the embryo (poetry) of the above.

In those days the loneliness grew clean in the eyes
in all eyes they looked lonely eyes
without this necessarily good or bad

but the sergeant dog outputs hitman
death asking my shadow pieces
tenderness that remained in the children watched
solitude tenderly growing

my daughter knew everything then
from eyes that the world did not yet know
heart and soul knew no one really knew

she told me:
one elipoptero dad heard a elipoptero

and the sound of the helicopter deadly bullets of the dead
I said loneliness was

and that had to explain to my daughter.