I have seen long lines of unemployed electricians marching
silent with fire in hands
under the sepulchral sky and nobody March
He was able to answer any questions
or control the famished look hungry animal
that ran feverishly city
while Michael Jackson died victim of himself
centuries before dying decades in search of the stage
where he lost pieces of his body that everyone
He ate devoured snubs as an original sin
a host guilt swallowing so that disappears
the next morning we almost surprised by the news
more women welled dead in the backyard
of United States but keep
with such stoicism custom migraine
so both the usual migraine
he invented pharmaceutical different names
the ignominy that fascinates us
(O Great Lord of Coca Cola!
On behalf of your weapons appreciated by our kidney and pancreas your prized weapons
by our teeth and bones offer this pure long line of cocaine and
You forgive the red traces of blood but still not forget
the nineteenth century to the emerald glow of long poppy fields
spotted in a happy spring in the Tierra Caliente of Guerrero)
on that day my wife and I did not know anything
because we loved each other so sincerely that even
it was necessary to have a name or a bed or an open window
I was the favorite of her son and her
all my daughters the most spoiled and easy
as the flames that illuminate the night more
March death ignited our love
20 thousand hands uselessly designed vacuum
The press said:
It is the 9th day of the tenth month of the ninth year of the century.