It is the first rain downpour June and called Thelonius Monk
Ebony fire on white fire alcohol
Carmine chord where melancholy settles the kingdom
Because there is no clearer and brighter light than that
bleeding from the hands of a wise
So that that which is the blood of black light
Her lament is a pillow to rest our weary bones of the soul
I listen to Thelonius Monk and crosses the cervical lightning rum
A childhood with members amputees
A stump that mock my brothers
But that is sweet kiss harmony to quench the skin bristling silence
Life view their favorite costumes as a child
to tell us that everything is very simple
Because Monk weaves a coat Nellie
A heart piece left in skin
with certain parts of an October twilight and rain pupil
looking inside
For Monk unravels the heart of Nellie and makes wafer-thin music notes
that penetrates and bleeds and dance and spring and lacera
as a piano note carcomiéndonos the soul
Why ask rage among this downpour
What light might find heartbreak
a man who prepares the entrance of his beloved to Hell
A bourbon one whiskie a beer enough
And a trumpet of black gold vibrates and explodes in the sky
There is a man languishing inside
while leaving traces of light clearer and more intense
The storm blushes of his roar
Avanza dark tapestry of rain
After the melody slows
Someone expects the howitzer to blow his head.