Tsend-Ayush Buyanzaya - NEW SPRING

Summer evening sun like a red crane in flight cutting through wind
The faint scent of the familiar flower with unfamiliar name
Dim stars of the distant sky, glistening unwavering in the darkness
The early dawn breeze prevailing at the remote village and groping my fingers
And my thoughts about you that I have not shared with anyone.
Were vaguely yet indelibly drawn in the depths of my soul
I thought of them as my blunder, but suddenly I felt so sorry
Every time when any of my unspoken memories arose to mind
I was starting a new life, I realized and in the end I got so relieved.
The sadness and grief I believed that I had left far behind
Do sprout as a young roots of my coming happiness
I have just noticed it from the elegant walks of a young lady
passing me by
While sitting in loneliness on a city bench in the New Spring.