Daniela Andonovska-Trajkovska - SINUS: the story of the fraction bar

the words that we don’t tell each other
are hovering above our heads
like empty speech balloons on the top of the fraction bar
over the house without vocal cords
on the side that we never show to the others
although we see in its eyes directly

the words that we keep in silence
we want to tell each other all at once
but we are afraid that they will take away from us
what have never been ours

the words that we bury
will speak one day and they will turn back to us
and each of us will return in our-own time
to tell the story in unique manner
with our own words and with our own blood
and we wouldn’t be able to get out of the story
on the top of the fraction bar – the story
on the bottom of the fraction bar – ourselves
imprisoned in the triangle of our births

one day the story will struck us like a thunder
with our own faces
and so blind and deaf
we wouldn’t know where we live indeed
in the reality or in its dream

one day even the words that carry us under the tongue
will plot us revenge and they will spit us like pebbles
and they will forget about us
the story will continue to live in some other characters
that will not kill each other just to make a home for the
and then we will reinvent ourselves again
hidden in speech balloons
on the top of the fraction bars and in silent triangles
until we learn
that we shouldn’t kill the death
with GMO, frozen eggs and sperm banks