Daniela Andonovska-Trajkovska - LIVING ON A FLAT LINE

there are many people living on a flat line for a life time
they get up at 6 a.m.
with salty dots in the eyes
go to work at 7:30
with inscribed angles in their thoughts
at 10:30 they drink coffee
– the eye on the wall counts their degrees
at 4 p.m. they return home
– on a step closer to the zero
at 5 p.m. they play ping pong
on the kitchen table
– the game multiplies in the mirror
and the words fall down under the fraction bar
at 6 p.m. they hide the leftovers of their fractured thoughts
at 8 p.m. they cry for the lost day and
they promise to themselves that starting from tomorrow
they will breathe in more than two dimensions
at 10 p.m. they fall asleep on the X-axis in front of the TV
at 3 a.m. they move to the bedroom
so they can stretch the line
from one point to another
from one segment to another

there are many people
that don’t know that they have been living on a line
for a life time