David Giannoni - I keep a memory of the gesture

I keep a memory of the gesture
It’s hiding in its shadow
reflected in the river
it separates and unites
two oceans
one is of earth
the other of sea

when the strong sun burns the face
what time does it give this new world
to discover

I'm waiting there
to surprise with my jolts
the four seagulls keeping each other in sight
because neither of them wants to let
the prey escape

but there you go
there is no prey
and silence
as if fate that grows shorter
the distance
from you to you
which covers me
from me
to me

and then
I open the karma
as something which blazes
like the fire taking the last line
behind the almost full moon
a moment before it reaches
the dawn fading
among lumps of clouds
which baptize
each day
each night
and after the name
your name
after your name
my name
and after that?

the dream says
you know where she’s hiding
the one
who lets the seven places
shine out of their hollows
upon invisible surfaces
and go
and with few words
build rapport
they are magic
they build they construct
they create

and come back

take me

Translated by Nikola Gjelincheski