David Giannoni - Birth

I used to say to you:
Don't wait for the door to be opened for you,
Be the door

I used to say to you:
I’ve kept a memory from your millennial bodies,
The flavor of your skin, the heartbeats under your skin

I used to say to you:
Love is a serious thing,
And we’d laugh over and over again

I used to say to you:
If your eyes are like amber, and my heart a crazy quartz
Before dawn They should have come together inside of us

I used to say to you and you used to say to me:
Why so much time?
Why so many lives?
Why so many desires?
Why so many detours?
And why all these whys?

I used to say to you and you used to say to me:
In the heart of gold of me and not me
I vow to you
A vow welling up from our nights
From all times, intertwined
Because there is no time
From all these lives lived
Because there is only one life
From all these crossed desires
Because the desire of the Beloved is like the one of the Lover
Along all the paths travelled
Because no detour means straying, truly
There’s the why
And there’s the that’s why to all the whys

I used to say to you and you used to say to me:
Without a doubt, out of all my dreams
There is one that gives me hope
It has the fangs of a wild beast
The fiery gaze of one who’s seen a star
Fur which is soft and coarse at the same time
And the smell of the sacred,
A fir under the earth
Wet tobacco
Air sage And a burning cedar

I used to say, you used to say, I used to say, you used to say

Enormous tiny souls
Nestled in stretched out limbs
In a bird of a thousand thunders
We used to flip these sentences
In our mouths without tongues
Passing them to each other
In this unnamed kiss

We were becoming We
Neither I nor You, neither Yours nor Mine

May the scarlet dawn truly rise, finally
May the sun at its sunset never despair
May each and every rose
In the ineffable garden
Be picked by a new hand
With ten fingers and ten toes
Which walks as if it runs
Out of the reach of
The shade, the moulting, the wind

May the compelled be conquered
By the wings flapping freely

An ocean of light
And silence
Are now taking over
This infinite space
Of our birth