Delvina Kërluku - I know you dream, (and beg), to be together

If you only knew everything, I wanted to give you today on your birthday,
I who have neither power nor kingdom in my hand,
I dream of taking the beauties of nature, the world,
and lay them next to your door, where you sit and dream, and wait,
wait for me...
I know you dream, (and beg), to be together.
With me who am not a flower, that you adore,
(Flower, they don't even call me by name),
but I give you the scent of spring (in winter, in frost) ...
I don't know how to leave you alone, this day (when you were born, and rebirthed me later)..,
without shaking your hand, without hugging you, but in a way the flame is lit,
without looking into your fiery eyes, which increase my yearning in every escape...
How were these roads parted, how were these kilometers made longer, I have no clue,
For us, neither rain, nor snow, nor suffering stopped us...
It's the years that weigh us down, it's the world that has put the "slap" in front of us,
we who laugh at life, but not at our fate,
We who give and receive love from each other
who plant love in every corner we step on.
We who grant peace to our troubled souls and who are peace lovers...?!
Who stops our momentum, on this day of joy, fate?!
I would shake your hand (to take your strength),
We would fall prey to our foretold fate...
Then, I would fly even without wings.
I would make the travel and you would open the door,
You would wait for me, open arms, as you dreamed and still do...
I know: we would walk hand in hand on our path with no narrow trails,
like the sea and the sky, without coasts.
Then, I don't know who would feel prouder, with each other.
A river of happiness would sweep you away,
and I would have to call you fortune.
So, I ask you, what can I give to you fortune, on this cue day?
If you want smile, happiness, joy, peace,
have them all, without restraint.
We are so far, we feel so close, you told me this and I will say it back.
How did this life, far, far away..,
and to love each other so much.
And when I say that I love you, you’re my life, I hold you dear and holy,
these rivulets of words have bubbles of tears
I never wanted to bestow happy tears to you on your birthday...
But, this my fortune, this is my succor.