Desanka Maksimovic - Laureat 1988

Born in Rabrovitsa, Serbia, on 16 May 1898, died in Belgrade on 8 July 1993. A significant Serbian poetess who created valuable and various poetry opus. She was a member of SANU. She won many awards and recognitions. Works: Poetry Collections: Poems, 1924, Childhood Garden, 1927; The Green Knight, 1930; Scent of the Soil, 1955; Captive of the Dreams, 1959; I seek Clemency, 1964; Talk Quietly, 1961; I have no Time, 1973; Chronicle of Perun’s Descendants, 1976; No Man’s Land, 1979; Speech of Love and Landmarks of Memory, 1983. Short stories: Heart’s Madness, 1931 etc. Novels: Rebellious Corn Ear, 1960 etc. She is also notable as a children and youth poet (Spider’s Swing; Singing Stories, etc)