We are walking through an old sea
In the new alleys of the City
We are swimming through the old alleys
Of a newly inhabited sea
“The Hidden Harbour must be around here somewhere.
Was this the old alley
Where we fell in the sea from the oriel
From the broken lost bed?”
“This is the Imaginary Rock
Remaining from the old harbor
On which the seagulls’ squawks
Tie as if on a rope”
“Time after time we looked for the place
Of the Temple in which we sheltered
From the rain and the mistakes.
Was the brothel over there?
Maybe it exists somewhere along the shore”
“Can these stairs leading to the sea
Take us to the fenced courtyard,
Where neither the silence nor the algae
Have mentioned our name at least once?
We are walking
The alleys have even started to grow old
The sea has begun to relocate
Swimming in one of the old alleys.