We have been sleeping for some time
And silence has pulled our heads into the pillows
At night, we flirt with each other
Love letters we write during the day

Do you feel lonely tonight?
Tell me about your secret overtures
I felt so closely to you last night
While God painfully watched us depart.

Forgetfulness tries to swallow our nakedness
And lures you, very fragile, to run that way.
We forget to talk, forget to make love
Everything beautiful dissolves in air bubbles,
After, a grey shadow scares the icy loneliness.

I open my eyes, you are no longer there
Hot spots melt in the empty bedside,
With them melt our resentments and long days.

Clothes weigh heavily on the wooden hangers
Cold bodies bend with quivering whispers
The girl sins with her absent lover
The other’s shadow sadly bends.

Late midnight unravels mischievous dreams
The husband convincingly curves under the bed cover
She hides her weakness under the nightgown
When the day suddenly turns her into a woman

The wall is covered with pale colors
Intimate relations wear the forbidden image

In the bitten apple, the worm nibbles at Eva’s love
Chimera recurs as a disillusioning image.

We wake up in irregular shapes of innocence,
Chewing the moments and time slowly chews us
Exchanging accidental looks
And suddenly feel sorry for ourselves

Everything is a path you go once only
Carelessly we touch on birth, heaven and death
Children freely run and play under sounds of thunderclouds
And ghosts of the defeated fade away in the dusk.

Translated by Mirela Cupi with Paul Cohn