Federico Díaz-Granados - MINERAL SONG

And if my soul is of stone why does that mineral
dream about your body?
And if my soul is of stone why does my sorrow
take the form of a distant volcano
and spring into the void from its eruption?

Don’t leave the stone at the mercy of the night
or wait for the arrival of the song to your solitude,
the faint of heart will come to silence the words
and some of the dead will cozy up in the fire of that respite.

Never silence
music always
the words approach your thirst every day
with their tearful lessons.
We have chosen the wrong world and with secret
we aren’t translating into stone
the language of our error and the reasons for our ruin.

Wait for the stone
the one that waited for you right here until turning to stone
the same one that is engraved and has become refined.
Never silence
music always
the day comes to its end
and the voice that flees.
The stone breaks away day by day
from life.