Gantsetseg Tserendamba - ENLIGHTENMENT- QUEST

Watching the clouds floating
The wind of the other world breezes
My aspiration to reach the depth of the high sky above
. . . it is silent as wind
Sound of an echo, a heart beat . . .
The wailing of a weeping girl won’t be heard
It’s so truthful to sense the blood is not red, but of other color
It’s a enlightenment to search the color of black amidst the total darkness of the night
It is like falling head long downward into the bottom of the well
The time seems stopped while sitting in the fragrance of the incense
As I have pulled forcefully the cold iron from the heart
My wishing to grab a red apple from the apple tree
Disperses away turning into fun in the scent of juniper
It is a enlightenment, to listen the melody of the universe solely
While sitting afflicted by sadness looking for colors of the stars
It’s a enlightenment to manage to appease my tenacious soul
Mirroring one’s body in the moonlight cast through the window
Having taken off all the silky lavishness and luxury for ever
Having only my engagement ring flashing in the moonlight

Translation from Mongolian language by Leetiv NamdagJanchivin