Gytis Norvilas - IF

If bamboo forests
had grown
in Alpine meadows –
we would’ve been using
bamboo sticks for writing now
(no fishing rods would be ruined
fashioning them)
we would use hieroglyphs

pretzels and snakes
roofs and horizons
plum-shaped ovals
needles as thick as a hair of yak
tetrahedron cavities
ellipses of air potholes
spear eyelashes and axe-handles
knife blades and awls
vortexes of woven rops
little frogs of infinity
bone harpoons
crow-bars and pliers
threads of cob-webs - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

this wouldn’t change anything
we would write as we do now –
out of boredom
biting a log of sadness
as death becomes clear
like the morning
in a pupil of the dragon-flie’s eye
followed by cows as they moo
and balerinas prancing among edelweisses