Gordana Mihailova Boshnakovska - THE SECRETS OF THE DRAWERS

By Vlada Uroshevikj

Before the writer gives you
the newest book-novel
with a dedication on the first page,
somewhere inside in the depth
makes an adjustment of lector’s 
otherness that “ants”
become “notebooks”
and that’s how the essence 
of the writer is lost.

Ants and notebooks
are becoming some other countries
marked by the post stamps
where the islands are swallowing the oceans 
the cities are flattened to the ground
by the flying monsters.

The ants are coming:
“don’t roam in the drawers”
they quickly close them,
and the writer is saving 
his fingers ahead of the rush 
from the discovered secrets of the ants,
in their strayed letters inside the drawers.