We were sitting inside the great emptiness and suddenly like a nagging leak we heard the rhythm of the cessation of what was once revelation

Like a blurring searing flash we saw
At the end of the autostrada of swift time no house stands
In the depth of a mole’s burrow there is a blue eye of a computer screen
And we are condemned to an eternal night on which floats a single skull
Which is grasped by the digital toolbar
While smiling icons hold the net

Screams floated up into heaven
Legs turned upside down on the grey firmament
And counted the red polish toe by toe
The sun’s drum was muffled and dim and drops of yellow wax dripped from it
Announcing a new unprecedented deafness

CUT for a few pulses the electricity somewhat failed us
We collided in the dark searching for a candle
We touched bread we touched water
The forgotten flesh sobbed for a moment
For a moment it was more beautiful than the electronic flesh of the icons
For a moment of hope that things have depth but
CUT -- the lights came on
The sky flashed
The mole snickered
The blue eye blinked
The skull did not sink
There is only a thin surface and it is hurrying now
Toward the café and cigarettes and the roar of the newspapers

We sat inside the great emptiness
And then we heard clearly and crowdedly the rhythm of the cessation of what once was revelation