Haviva Pedaya - A BIRD

The black azure of dawn was chewed, whispered, by a great blue bird or was it black the lines of its silhouette were swallowed up in the great whisper whose line went out to all the horizon and deep unto deep remembered the drunkenness of the night the whisper that they became one sticky chewing of sorrow its flight was sharp as a razor of chewing

So why did I say shadow or did I say end it was a sobbing that could not be contained and it burst from the throat of a great blue bird and the sun began to rise slowly like a bucket coming up too slowly to contain its vomit

I meant the vomit of the great forgotten bird that for a moment cleaved the line of the firmament and for a moment waved and flopped

She was on her way back to her nest
Someone sent her forth someone set her free someone robbed her perhaps someone stole her tender azure chicks of light perhaps just now someone scared her on her way someone sent her forth

She detached herself from the tree
Or perhaps the bird herself sent herself forth sent forth the time of her approaching departure and the bird itself forced

Herself to detach herself
So why did I say end
Perhaps the exhaustion of her flesh came before her and she carried this end in her teeth as once she carried her chick
So why did I say shadow
And not like a passing shadow