Jana Radićević - Megalodon Lanthimos in the episode quartering of the psyche and language as a trick, experiments

Samanthas still live in Mexican soap operas
History is fluid
I am a wave of the vibrating electromagnetic fields
When I reach a speed of 300.000 km/s they call me light
When I refract there are a hundred million times
A hundred million stars and it’s still dark
The Earth’s surface is not for man-made things
I discovered Darwin for the first time on National Geographic
Just like Gustafsson discovered his poems because they are
Something that can be discovered
Since it exists the only thing left is to discover it
I imagined myself in the vicinity of all the acts of creation
The mind becomes the chaos of joy
Is it really possible to stay on One
On the condition that we are not Leibniz
We are rationalists in front of others, conformists where needed
Selfishly masochistic in our rooms
We become mystical in the country
We were taught to never start the next
Sentence with the same letter
But they didn’t mention the exceptions
I entered the clock shop ready to buy
A pocket watch that was not for sale
The year is 2017.
And the area is not rural
But the center is
In moments like these I always remember Dickens
Big too big megalodon-like expectations
They lead us only where we want to go
They teach us only as much as we need to know
That is why dictionaries cost more, language is an expensive liquid
And small minds are always easier to control
Wittgenstein would put a full stop here