Jana Radićević - Vitiligo

We sit across each other, your hands are black due to the dirt
You fill the yoghurt cups
while I stick my finger in them and plant the seed
and then the dirt stays underneath my nail for a long time
I can’t get it off
You try with an old toothbrush
It tickles me
The doctor told you to wear a white scarf over your head and cover your shoulders
But you don’t do that and the white stains appear on your skin
As soon as you return from the market, you pour the coins and count the profit
I arrive, and then I wait for you to finish, I don’t say anything so you don’t lose count
When I tried to squeeze into your polka-dot dress
That you wore when you first met grandpa
I tore it, but you’re not mad
You were sixteen and now I am sixteen
You have a soft smile on the photo
Your hair is flat and tied into a ponytail
You stand next to your horse and hold the bridle

Translated from Montenegrin by Marko Stanojkovski