From the wide open windows of youth
girls’ flowering chests regale
Fervent, keen. Their chests set white sail.
One could say – they beckon, they provoke
They reap the fruits of my desire’s yoke
But it’s merely youth’s brightest sparks!

Inside of you, the forges of yearning
From which star-birth springs forth
the sunset of our twilight kindles, burning

Let you be – you and your youth!
And your audacity, bounce, and bustiness.
And, Almighty forgive me,
sway your voluptuous hips yonder,
Rally squadrons of youth, brigades of girlhood,
Tear the nails of my shackles asunder,
resurrect the Adam inside me.
Sing to us brightly,

Kindle the embers of this stuporous life,
Delude it to persist, to keep holding on
Here – just a bit, for us fallen ones, go on!
Set petticoats aflutter, raise those white flags!
You does, you women ripe,
Plump, succulent, entire,
A joy to our declining days,
A mortal man’s final wish,

A drop of endearment, one last morsel of desire…
Let you be, and your youth!