Martin Glaz Serup - 13.

This morning was so eerie
the car’s windows were white with frost
the frost wouldn’t go away, I drove all the same
as in a bad dream, with my head out of the window
the others beeped, the others signalled

Here is another experience in a car: the ice
not being able to stop, sliding, onward, going through a red light, with the brake to the floor

Another experience: the snow
and the sprinkler that doesn’t work, the windscreen a grey-brown mass
opaque, on the motorway, and the children in the back

Yet another: the car door opens
it’s happened several times, the car doors, on the motorway, the motorways, the children

The traffic is unreal, often
I’ve been about to be killed or to kill in it and it hasn’t happened after all

I’m on the third floor in the big red house looking out
it’s late, the children are asleep, outside it’s getting dark

When you’re least expecting it
Charles Reznikoff says at a reading in San Francisco in 1974
the light goes out

And when you’re least expecting it again, he says
the light goes on