What should a poem about happiness look like
presumably not like this

Do you have to be happy in order to write a poem about happiness
or should you, precisely, not be happy
should you be made happy by reading it

I think happiness has to do with the concrete
with objects and places
happiness is to be found in a specially
apportioned space of time

There’s a blue lacquerware bowl
which I own which I think about
when I think about happiness

There’s a piece of mended ceramics from Italy
which also makes me think of Elsa
but I don’t think we were ever happy

I don’t think about people
when I think about happiness
I think about alcohol

The feeling of happiness is the feeling of schnapps
Koskenkorva vodka maybe grappa
sliding through me

A sun spreads through the body
and the rays reach brain and cock
at the same time rushing

Like the wind rushes around the ears
of the runner who runs senselessly
happy and alone on the road