Morten Langeland - ***

Taste is creativity’s enemy, said Picasso, and sent, with the wind, towards Chicago some sketches and a maquette for a public sculpture. In culinary city Chicago the figure grew large, fifteen metres and a hundredandfortyseven tonne. The model for the statue potentially the girl with the ponytail, Sylvette David. David wore her hair high because her father had seen a ballerina with a high ponytail and never forgot it. In gangster city Chicago they saw the statue as a bird, a boar, a smug Chicago landlord, an Afghan Hound, or alternatively, a baboon. Some speculated whether it could be Thoth’s gatekeeper colleague on the road to the underworld, jackal-headed Anubis, that was portrayed. Anubis, who weighs the hearts of the dead against feathers, while Thoth notes their good and bad deeds. In jazz city Chicago they eventually played it cool, and the scultpure soon became a landmark, losing many names, becoming The Chicago Picasso, a favored spot to scale for hordes of children and tourists.