My head is dizzy from the humidity of the beach
And my thoughts are like my eyes confused by the hanging clouds
In the far away sky …
I find myself unable to trace
my small details
Or to gaze into your eyes
And my fingers tremble
When you ask the question
If I was cured that day
But you do not wait for an answer
Or notice the long silence
That follows the questions
Instead you sip your coffee
Preoccupied by the faces of strangers
And the bit of moon left from last night.

You gaze at the waves of the sand
Scattered in the space of imaginations
And the ruins of homes
That our souls have deserted
My head spins in the heat of anxiety
Clinging on to thoughts of escape
And my heart is tossed by the forebodings of absence.
The branches of loneliness tremble
In the fear of waiting
And I am unable to offer it
a sip of assurance
Or even a prayer to the sky
To wet its hair with rain …