Shuntarō Tanikawa - A PICNIC TO EARTH

Let’s jump rope here, you and me. Right here!
Let’s have lunch here, you and me.
Here I will love you.
Your eyes will reflect the blue of the sky
and your back will be dyed the colour of mugwort.
Let’s learn, you and me, the names of the constellations.
Here let us dream of all things distant.
Here let’s gather shellfish.
Let’s pick a little starfish
from the sea of the dawning sky.
At breakfast let’s throw it back
and let the night recede.
Here I’ll go on saying, ‘I’m home!’
while you keep saying, ‘Welcome back!’
I’ll come back here again and again.
Here let’s drink hot tea.
Let’s sit here, you and me, and be caressed for a while
by the cool breeze.