Steven J Fowler - LOOPER

Why hurry, life, why chivvy on the hour?
You’ll soon have time to sew my mouth right up,
stitching with iron threads.
Olga Sedakova

There are troubles conceiving,
and whether it’s exciting anymore,
when it has a purpose
and such fearsome consequence.
Girls in the street look up
and away
even though I’m only looking
because they’re dressed as mummies.
Or maybe I look disgusting,
feeding myself apricots
like a pharaoh.
But they were grown from wings
and soon rot on the feather
if you don’t eat them in bloom.
Maybe they look away
because I’m ugly,
like a lizard.
Or because I live in my underwear.
Or because of my fertility.
Or because I can regenerate limbs
Or because I insist on tickling everyone.
I’m a good lover though,
I get really nervous.