The “Struga Poetry Evenings” as one of the oldest and most significant poetry festivals in the world, will take place this year as well, in its standard period near the end of August, in full compliance with the latest coronavirus protection measures.
Due to the latest turn of events, the festival will be organized with the physical presence of domestic poets and the majority of the invited foreign poets. A smaller part of the foreign poets who, from objective reasons, are unable to be physically present, will be presented through video readings as part of the festival’s programme.
A special video address and video reading will be given by this year’s SPE Laureate, the British poet Carol Ann Duffy, who has announced her physical presence at the following, 2022 festival edition.
While originally announced as a special guest of the jubilee SPE edition, last year’s Laureate Amir Or, due to objective reasons, was force to postpone his physical presence to the next edition.
The festival will take place from the 26 th to the 30 th of August, due to the latest protection measures, however, it will maintain its recognizable festival programme events. More than 30 domestic and foreign poets from both the older and the younger generation will take place, at the main festival reading events. As part of the programme, memorial honouring of the great poets of Macedonian poetry Ante Popovski and Bogomil Gjuzel will take place, while the promotin of the monographic edition “Selection of poetry and prose by Blazhe Koneski” will be a special event, as part of the National Programme celebrating the 100 th anniversary of the birth of the giant of Macedonian culture.
The creative team of the SPE has prepared the design of this year’s edition, presented on all SPE social platforms, alongside with the announcements of the participants.
The Struga Poetry Evenings will take place with the motto ELEVATED TESTIMONIES, EXALTED VERSES, accentuating the meaning of the Park of Poetry and the symbolism of the Laureates planting a tree each year, as an act which marks the growth of the festival.
In accordance with the latest protection measures, this year, same as last year, the official opening and closing of the Festival will take place at the covered terrace of the “Drim” hotel. For the remaining festival days, the morning programme is planned to take place at the Congress Hall of the “Drim’ hotel, whereas the evening programme will take place at the summer stage of the Centre of Culture “Miladinov Brothers”.
The physical presence of the audience will be limited, due to the capacity of the venues and the protection protocols, whereby a presentation of mandatory vaccination proof/certificate is required, i.e. at least one vaccine shot or a certificate of recovery from Covid-19 no older than 45 days from the day of recovery, for persons over the age of 18. The festival’s programme, starting with the 2019 edition, is being fully broadcasted live at the official SPE YouTube channel, providing full coverage for a wider audience.
The accommodation of the participants has been regulated in accordance with the work protocols of the hotels in pandemic circumstances.
Transport of participants for the Skopje-Struga-Skopje relation has been provided, and the chosen economic operator is obliged to enforce the transport protocols for passengers in times of pandemic.
In conditions where most of the world-famous poetic festivals have been cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Struga Poetry Evenings will keep its unbroken continuity, which, since 1961, presents the power of poetry to unite the world.