Tatev Chakhian - CLOSED CIRCUIT

On the capital square
children, running, exit a kindergarten,
pattering, demand a circus.

The people write an open letter to a president,
demanding a circus
with non-poisonous snakes,
dancing bears
and gentle tigers.
The president, obviously,
immediately gives up buying weapons
and assigns all the military budget for a circus.
But suddenly, war restarts
and the construction is halted.

The media reports on the city without a circus,
observers from international organizations nod
and promise to help somehow.
Delegates from neighboring countries come in person,
and those from distant countries support in a way
and send snakes, bears and tigers,
which – sadly – roam the city streets
and turn their backs to the sun,
waiting for the unexpected war to end.

That is how during a truce,
each new generation,
along with snakes, bears and tigers,
fighting for the right to have a circus,
pattering loudly, silence the noise of silenced missiles.

Translated by Paweł Sakowski