To Mara, on the twenty seventh day of your birth

Light and shadow: separating …
And 27 days ago they were one!
Your dark almond shaped eyes are now looking for contours.

Born into this world with no gear of your own.
You are so little you don’t even know your name.
You want to win us over with that smile
Of a newly-built heaven.

What a smile that is! All the Alpine bees
And all the forest fires of Mongolia
All the 350 Church towers of Salvador
And all the plankton of the Atlantic
Have found recluse in the heaven
Of your smile forged in a secret place
Known only to a few levitating saints.

You look around yourself in wonder, but I have to tell you
That in your 10,000-year-old dark eyes
I can still see the reflection of that calm lake
Whose depth is immeasurable.

For me that lake is like an unknown memory.
Scientists call it the black hole of space.
Some simply call it a sack of coal.
While the religious call it the Spirit.

Your eyes until recently
Were like two Indian canoes
Rowing light-heartedly through the endless universe.