Vera Čejkovska - A Fugue

before one measurement of the height, crystal clear and
harmoniously resonant, finishes, I wish for another one, also
crystal clear and harmoniously resonant to begin, again, before
the second one finishes for a third one to begin, also
crystal clear and harmoniously resonant, and so on and so forth,
so that the eternity is foreshadowed and a fugue heard,
so that a fugue would rise, the melody would flame up,
and with its persistence would accompany the heights
forever, would uncover the infinite time, time in an
unchanging time signature, unchanging time signature in all
movements that would cause me to go into flames towards
the heights,
contrary to
this heavy melody, spread on the floor,
made up of similar and vaguely connected themes
bursting put from every corner of my home,
which is not even a home, but a way of a forced stay
there where can’t be stayed anymore
and where there is no place to hide in the muteness that begins
haunting me, because the black windows
I elude are a deep presence of worlds
that live according their own will and shatter everything,
even my efforts for the unreachable infinity
and the infinite non-reach
: circles and echoes of powerlessness
Translated by: Elida Bahtijaroska