Violeta Tančeva-Zlateva - DUST

I do not need much when I stay overnight
Only a solid roof over my head
And clean linens atop a flat mattress
Certainly, some water
At home I am pickier
The ceiling lost a bit of quicklime
Just a touch
The sheet is not nicely straightened on the right side
Or is not freshly brushed off from last night’s nightmares
And in-between the bathroom tiles
There is a touch of black mould showing…

My God
What little trifles we waste our energy on
That was entrusted to us for conscious consumption
We waste it on useless stuff
Forgetting the more important matters
And we waste our strength throughout the years
Senselessly fighting for justice
As if we wish to forget
That only dust remains in the end

Translated by: Bela Gligorova