Violeta Tančeva-Zlateva - THE BEAUTIFUL DEAD

I shake off words, mine and those of others
And the worries that stuck to my skin all day
I loosen my hair so as to expel
Even the last entrenched thought from the Muddy one
I wish to be a beautiful dead woman in my Dream
I wish to run towards his embrace
Alone and tranquil
As a bespoken mistress
Not even a tremble to ruffle my brow
Only tremors of anticipation
To run through my palms

I lie down peacefully
Upright as a church candle
I put my legs together for they have longed for such a reunion
And rest my palms over my chest
I inhale deeply
And exhale all the is human about me
I wish to be the Dream’s beautiful bride
Fresh as spring
Greedy as autumn
Playful as winter
With one foot out the door
As summer

Translated by: Bela Gligorova