Vladimir Martinovski - TWO SEAS

No one knows where
exactly the one sea ends
and where the other begins
or where the border lies
which marks the meeting
of their warm and cold streams
small and big
(harmful and harmless) fish
No one knows which one
changes its color faster
(at sunrise and sunset)
or which one
is better for diving
and which one
is better to give yourself over to the waves

No one even knows which
of the sunken ships and submarines
has been downed in the one or the other sea
or which one of them had lost
more fishermen and sailors
Nor which one of them yields us
more seafood on a daily basis
We don’t know which one heals our wounds quicker
which one do we forget slower on our way home
which one clears our thoughts faster
which one wipes away our sand castles slower
which one shall sooner give up
its last grain of salt
which one shall be slower to release the last
starfish to return
back to the sky