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22 – 27 AUGUST 2018


Wednesday, 22.08.2018                                                                                   

10:00   Planting a tree and poetry reading in honour of the winner of the “Golden Wreath” of SPE for 2018, Adam Zagajewski

– “Park of Poetry”

 12:30   Press conference of the Organizing Board of the Struga Poetry Evenings  with the winner of the “Golden Wreath” of  SPE 2018, Adam Zagajewski

                – Piano Bar – Hotel “Drim”

14:00   Opening of the art exhibition  – Maja Taneva

                Promoter: Valentina Todorоska

                – Lobby – Hotel “Drim”


– The courtyard of the House of Poetry

21:00   “Poetic Meridians” – International poetry reading
                – The courtyard of the House of Poetry

 22:30   Reception (with the Minister of Culture of Republic of Macedonia)

                – Summer terrace of Hotel “Drim”

Thursday, 23.08.2018

10:00   Portrait of Mihail Rendzov, the winner of the “Miladinov Brothers” award for 2017

                Moderators:  Jovica Tasevski-Eternijan and Vladimir Cvetkoski

                – “Piano bar”- Hotel “Drim”

 11:00   Poetry reading by the poets on the short-list of the “Miladinov Brothers” award competition

 – “Piano bar”- Hotel “Drim”

11:40 Presentation of the “Stojan Hristov” award

– “Piano bar”- Hotel “Drim”

12:00   Symposium “The writing in exile / The exile in writing

                Moderator: Elizabeta Sheleva

– “Piano bar”- Hotel “Drim”

13:30   Poetry portrait of  the laureate of “Bridges of Struga” award of SPE and UNESCO, Pauli Tapio

Moderators: Ivan Shopov and  Nikola Gjelincheski

“Piano bar”- Hotel “Drim”

 17:00 Poetry café – Versopolis – Meeting with publishers, agents, professional visitors

– “Piano bar”- Hotel “Drim”

 18:00 Poetry Portraits

– “Piano bar”- Hotel “Drim”

19:00  Homages to Mateja Matevski, Liljana Dirjan and Milan Gjurčinov

– “Piano bar”- Hotel “Drim”

 20:30   Poetry on the road Prilep

(In cooperation with the Culture Center “Marko Cepenkov” Prilep)

– Culture Center “Marko Cepenkov” Prilep

21:00 Poetry Portraits

– “Piano bar”- Hotel “Drim”

 22:00   Poetry portraits

                  Lakeshore stage – Flow out of Crn Drim River (“Galeb”)

 23:00   “Poetry Circles” International poetry reading

                  Lakeshore stage – Flow out of Crn Drim River (“Galeb”)

00:00   “Night Without Punctuation”

– Lakeshore stage – Flow out of Crn Drim River (“Galeb”)

Friday, 24.08.2018

 10:00   “Matinée”, Poetry reading

                – Courtyard of the Monastery of Our Lady at Kališta

12:00   Visiting cave churches near the Monastery of Our Lady at Kališta

13:30   Presentation of the “Brothers Miladinov” award winner for 2018

                – “Piano bar” – Hotel “Drim”

16:30     Poetry café – Professional Visitors Programme

 18:00 Poetry Portraits

“Piano bar” – Hotel “Drim”

20:30   Poetry on the road Bitola

(In cooperation with the Culture Center in Bitola)

 20:30   Poetry on the road Ohrid  – Poetry Portrait of Guy Goffette

Promoter: Vlada Urošević

– The house of Urania – Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences

21:00   Poetry Portraits

                “Piano bar” – Hotel “Drim”

22:00   Versopolis Night – Poetry reading

                (Alternative location – lakeshore stage)

23:00   “Poetry Circles”

(Alternative location – lakeshore stage)

 00:00   “Night Without Punctuation”

                 (Alternative location – lakeshore stage)

Saturday, 25.08.2018

 10:00   Poetry Café with the winner of the “Golden Wreath” of SPE for 2018, Adam Zagajewski

– Piano bar of the Hotel “Drim

11:30   Symposium “Lost/Found in translation”

– “Piano bar” – Hotel “Drim”

 13:00 Macedonian poetry – reading

                – “Struški Kepenci” – Hotel Drim

17:00   Sightseeing of the old part of Ohrid and the cultural heritage

20:30 Poetry Portrait of the Poet-Laureate of the Golden Wreath award for 2018, Adam Zagajewski

              – Church “St. Sophia”, Ohrid

22:30   Correspondences” – Poetry reading

                  Ohrid square near the St. Clement of Ohrid monument

Sunday, 26.08.2018

10:00   Outing and Sightseeing of the monastery “St. Naum” and the springs of the Crn Drim River by boat

13:00   Poetry reading

– Courtyard of the monastery “St. Naum”

 15:30   “In Vino Veritas” – Presentation of the best poem dedicated to wine.

16:00   Return to Struga by boat and informal poetry reading

20:30   “Bridges”, international poetry reading and presenting of the awards “Golden Wreath”, the “Miladinov Brothers” and the “Bridges of Struga”

00:00   Announcing the winner of the award “Enhalon”  

           – Press Centre –  Diplomatic Hall, Hotel “Drim”


Monday, 27.08.2017

13:00   Poetry matinée Matka
– “St. Andrea” Monastery, Matka 

 21:00   International poetry meeting, Skopje
– “Macedonia” square, near Stone Bridge