Modes of perception: between channels:

Wordless days, years, periods.

Centuries of drawing with black lead, or burnt sienna on the rock.

Restless notches. Silhouettes of clumsy figures.

A tangle of lines (animals in motion).

Millennia of the word: winding of words around the body, lashing,

silhouettes of clumsy sentences. Space behind them.

Muting: and a surge of noisy images. To unravel. To span.

To look like one understands.

A hand for joy: to draw.

A hand.

A hand: to survive, to kill.

A mouth for voice (a game, to lie). To open. For someone else.

The same to the same (Picasso in the cave). And bridges!

For oneself. For someone else.


Translated by Marián Andričík