nothing to be proud of, mole on other’s
shoulder, shoulder-blade or somewhere lower
jiggles absurdly, that author flames
profoundly, call won’t go through
to number, given hastily
by unknown hotty, tenacious smooches
delivered from anonymous in AOL chat, paw
clutching whatever it can, earlybird got worm

in halfdark leaning arms on some–
one’s shoulder sees mole on neck
jiggling, mole makes it impossible
to concentrate, gather thoughts re close
emotional bonds, yelling get outta town
jumps to embrace, the pastrami, sheez,
went down the wrong pipe, stash that
cash that out, hung out just fine

it’s all read between the words
caught a buzz from very own memories
of the lowball, what’s been said hit
home, hard enough to lower sense of
well-being, elevated sugar levels
in that glance thrown at waist
in lattice of moles, laying like ice
thinking cap on tight, bottom as usual


our common tongue is slacke and laxe
the mole jiggles, a burp
from consumption of spoiled
foodstuffs, the tutelage of do-gooders
can drive to colic, maiden on knees
or hands, tail between legs from
passion, recognize in reflection neither
self, nor embrace, gums ache

scumbags around kiosk, illumination
struck like lightening, evening grind
on dance floor at town watering hole, too
late for organized resistance, gas burner
belches ochre flame, mole on pristine
skin shakes to rhythm of the entire
corpus’ motion, strain to assume position
burn all bridges, entry hall unventilated


brownish mole on saggy
waistline, evil incarnated in
series of mundane events, the offer
carries a purely advisory, peevish
character, according to the cloth
cut the arms reaching towards boozy
essence of proceedings, ringing
girlish voice breaks off at the sight

Translated by Kevin M. F. Platt