Adem Abduramani Gajtani (Poduevo,Kosovo,Yugoslavia, 21 August 1935 – Skopje, 19 March 1982) – poet and translator. He graduated at the Faculty of Law in Skopje (1961). He practiced literature since 1955.He collaborated with the newspapers and magazines in Albanian (“Zani i Rinis” etc), he was a journalist of the newspaper “Rilindja” and editor of the cultural section of “Flaka e Vllazlrimit”. He was a member of Writers’ Association of Macedonia since 1973. He is author of many poetry collections in Albanian. He translated from Albanian in Macedonian (I. Kadare, R. Kukaj etc) and from Macedonian and Serbo-Croatian into Albanian. Among the other works, he translated in Albanian: “Desert” by Gj. Abadziev, “Paskvelija” by Z. Cingo, “Years of Insomnia” by Tome Momirovski and books with poetry selections by M. Matevski. He was a winner of Miladonov Brothers Award, posthumously (1982) for his poetry book “Swan Song”. Works: Light in the Heart (1961), Sea Shell (1966), No bird, no tree (1973), Oh, song, far away song (1973), A song in the dream (1975), From Flower to Flower (1975), Some third Time (1977), Starfish (1979), Poems (1980), Swan-song (1982). Translations: Verses and stories by writers of Albanian nationality in Macedonia (Skopje, 1973, with Aleksandar Popovski); You, Song, You distant Song (Skopje, 1973 with Gane Todorovski).