Ahmad Al-Shahawy  is born in  1960 in Damietta, Egypt. He has a B.A in the Press Department , Faculty of Arts , Sohag University. At present El-shahawy holds the job of the Associate Editor of Nisf El Donya , a weekly social magazine published by Al-Ahram , as he’s one of its main founders , in addition to his job as a writer at Al-Ahram , the leading Egyptian daily Newspaper . El-Shahawy participated in various national and international poetry events and festivals in Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Holland, Yemen, Qatar. Kuwait, Germany, Iraq, Britain, France, Greek, Turkey, U.S.A, Morocco, Denmark, Sweden , Spain, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Switzerland and Syria being a winner of the  UNESCO Literary award, 1995 and   Kavavis Award in poetry , May 1998.  He has published 12 books of poetry.