He was born in Lazaropole on 3 July 1931 and died in Skopje on 1 October 2003. He was a poet, essayist, translator, publicist, academic. He finished primary school in his birthplace, secondary school i Bitola and Faculty of Medicine in Skopje, where he got a job as an assistant. He worked as a doctor in Debar for a while, but from 1955, since his first poetry book Reflections was published, he left the medicine and totally devoted to poetry. He was a member of Writers’ Association of Macedonia (1956) and a member of the Executive Council of Macedonia; a managing director of the newspaper Nova Makedonija and Vardarfilm in Skopje; vice-president of the Commission for foreign cultural relations; President of the Writers’ Association of Macedonia (two terms) and a President of the Council of SPE (1966/67 and 1978/79). He was elected a regular member of MASA on 10 October 2000 and was a member of the World Poetry Academy (2002). He translated many eminent authors from the Balkan and Europe from various languages. One of his translated works is the Biblical Song of the Songs. He is included in all the Anthologies of the Macedonian poetry, as well as in the Anthology of the World Poetry. His poetry has been translated in many world languages. He is one of the most important Macedonian poetry writers. A poet of the epos and epopees, of the distressing Macedonian and Old Slavic laments and elegies, a poet of the Macedonian secred words and kin words, of the mythological poetic expression rooted in the Eastern, Byzantine and Christian Macedonian poetry tradition. Macedonia and its tragic historical fate are in the core of his poetry. He elevated it to a level of a myth. He is a winner of many high national and intrenational awards and recognitions.
Works: Reflections (poetry, 1955); The Vardar (poetry,1958), Samuil (poetry,1963), Insubordination (poetry,1964), Stony (poetry, 1972), Secret Words (poetry, 1975), Love words (poetry, 1980), A familyTtree (poetry,1981), Blue Poem (poetry,1984), A Voice of the Past (a publication of literary – historical and political nature, 1986), Unnamed (poetry, 1988), Fettered Time (articles and commentaries, 1991), Between Life and Omens (essays, 1991), Providence (poetry, 1995), The Eye, Lights (essays, 1996), Holy Poem (2001), Two Silences (2003). He is a compiler of the anthologiey “The Holy Land of the Word” (an anthology of Yiddish poetry, 1995) and “Orpheus and Jesus”: biblical motifs in contemporary Macedonian poetry (2000).