He was born in Bogdanci, Gevgjelia on 6 February 1946, a writer, poet, short story writer, novelist, playwright, essay writer, translator, editor, scholar, university professor of Theory of Literature. He obtained his BA, MA and PhD diploma at the Faculty of Philology in Skopje, at the Department of Yugoslavistics. His MA thesis was named “Artism in the Contemporary Macedonian Literature” (1977) while his PhD thesis is named “The Semantic Figures in the Macedonian Folk Poetry” (1982). He works at the Faculty of Philology in Skopje as a full-time professor of Theory of Literature. He also gives lectures in the following subjects: New Croatian Literature, Stylistics, Stylistics and Rhetorics and History of the Yugoslav Literatures. He has been an Associate Dean and a Dean at the Faculty of Philology in Skopje; he has been a President of the Council of Struga Poetry Evenings and a member of the National Assembly of RM (1994-1998), in which time he was a member of the Parliament Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strazburg. He was an ambassador of RM in Hungary since 2004. He has been a member of Writers’ Association of Macedonia since 1967. He has visited France many times during his study visits and as a lecturer of Macedonian Language and Literature at the Paris University. For his contribution to the promotion of the French culture in RM he has been honoured (1995) with the decoration “Academic Palm”. Works:
The Land of the Flower (poetry, 1966), Translating the Mountain (poetry, 1970), Dwelling (poetry, 1974), Sights and apparitions (poetry, 1977), Poems (1978), Strictly confidential (poetry, 1985), Traces, poetry 1991; A voice to the voiceless (poem, 1994), Sounds and imprints (poetry, selection, 1995), Waterfall (poetry, 1998), Wild Elation (novel, 2002); Mister Porfirie (TV play 1971), Indefinite personal pronouns (play, 1986), Artism in Contemporary Macedonian poetry (study, 1978), Literary studies (1983), Sieve (criticism, 1985 ), Semantic figures in Macedonian Folk Lyrics (study, 1987), The Plagiarism of Bozin Pavlovski (literature polemics, 1998 Microreadings, Expression and Reality (literature polemics, 1993), Morphology of bo(l)shevism (literature polemics, 1998), Pro and con macedonisms (criticism, 1998), Macedonian Writers, Critical Portraits (2004). Translated works: Cvetan Todorov, Poetics (1990); Opposite Extremity (2000), Mis-born Man (2001), Duties and Delights (2004), Encyclopedian Dictionary of the Language Studies by Dikro and Cvetan Todorov (1994).