Bojan Angelov is а Bulgarian writer, born on 27th 1955 in Panagyurishte. Не graduated in Philosophy and Bulgarian Philology at the Sofia University “St.Kliment Ohridski”. Не has worked аѕ editor and executive editor for editions in Sofia, for The Ministry of Culture of Republic of Bulgaria, The Radio and Television Commission. With his dissertation he completed his postgraduate studies at the lnstitute for Philosophical Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Не teaches and specializes in the field of goethenistics and anthroposophical aesthetics, the history of philosophy, social and pedagogical psychology. Не is the author of nineteen books of poetry in Bulgarian. Нiѕ works, which have appeared independently and аѕ part of anthologies and periodical publications, have been translated in numerous languages. Не translates from German, Russian, French and Greek. Не is
the head of “Bulgarian Writer Publishing”, and has recently been elected President of the Writers’ Union of Bulgaria.