Born on 21 June 1954 in the village of Slatino, Ohrid; poet, literary critic, essay writer, translator, journalist, editor. He worked as a journalist on the cultural section of “Nova Makedonija” for many years. He was editor-in-chief of the publishing house “Kultura” in Skopje and of the literary journal “Stremez” in Prilep, manager-owner of the publishing house “Makavej” fromSkopje, manager of the Macedonian National Theatre, Manager of the City library Miladonov Brothers. Cvetkoski has won many recognitions for his results and achievements in the development of the world literature, of the decoration “Vladimir Mayakovski” allocated by the Wriers’ Association of Russia. Works: Turning (poetry, 1981), High Winds (poetry, 1985), Layers and voice (criticism, 1989), Fresh Ashes (poetry, 1990), Macedonian dialogues (interviews, 1990), Gift of salt (poetry selection, 1991), Earrings of stars (poetry for children, 19910, Works and virtues (criticism and essays, 1992), A waft of prayer (poetry, 1993), The word – not always opens doors (thematic supplement in the journal “Stremez”, 1993), Heavenly places (audio-cassette, 1996), Critical views (criticism and essays, 1996), Higher than life (criticism and essays, 1997), Boundaries (poetry, 1997), Night book (poetry selection, 1998), Sound and resound (criticism and essays, 1999), The name. The kin. The property (narrative poem, 2000), Grief, poetry, 2002, Names and Themes, criticisms, 2003.