Claudio Pozzani was born in 1961 in Genoa (Italy).He is poet, narrator and musician  appreciated in Italy and abroad for his poetic performances in the most important literary festivals in Europe, Latin America and Asia. He has published 5 books so far- 3 poetry collections, one novel and one collection of essays. His poems have been translated into more than 10 languages and have appeared in important anthologies and magazines of international contemporary poetry. In 1983 he created the cultural association Circolo dei Viaggiatori nel Tempo (CVT). He’s the director of the Commenda dei Poeti, residence for European writers and poets in Genoa. In 2000, Claudio has set up the Casa Internazionale della Poesia in Genoa (International House of the Poetry). His last books are the novel Kate et moi (La passe du vent, France) and poetry collection Saudade & Spleen (Lanore Editions, Paris) that is at its 3rd edition.