Dimitris Angelis (Athens, 1973) has published six collections of poetry, as well as essays, studies and short stories. His collection Epeteios (Anniversary) was awarded the Porfyras Prize of the Academy of Athens and has been published in Spanish. He was Editor of Nea Efthini literary magazine (2011-2013) and he is actually Editor of Frear (National Prize for the best literary magazine, 2014). His poetry includes: Philomela, 1998; One more death, 2000; Mythical Waters, 2003; Anniversary, 2008; Confirming the night, 2011; A deer weeping on my bed, 2015.

His essays and short stories include: On writing, 1998; Last Summer, 2002;
Byzantine aesthetics, 2004; Ideological Trends in Late Antiquity, 2005; The sources of Byzantine Philosophy: The Meaning of Philosophy for the Greek Apologists, 2007.