Eftim Kletnikov (Negrevo, 6 November 1946) is a poet, essay writer, critic, translator (Pushkin, Lermontov, Rassin, Valeriy). He graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje. He was a Managin Director of SPE. “In Kletnikov’s poetry”-writes V. Uroshevic, “there is much admiration, festivity, celebration of the glitter and shine, but behind that abundance of light and hymnous emotions there could be always felt the dark premonition, a certain escalating allusion of the darkness. Works: Blue whirlpool (Sk, 1977), Lights and Twilights (Sk, 1978), The eye of the dark one (Sk, 1980), Poems for Ognen (Sk,1983), Roe and Wing (Sk, 1984), Voices (Sk,1987), The three – eyed one (Sk,1989), Instants (Sk,1992), A man and a woman facing the stars (Sk,1994), The origin of light (Sk,1995), Troy (Sk,1996), This cosmic draught etc. He is an author of books of essays and criticism Orion (Sk, 1986) and Kernel; In the Search for the Whole, as well as several Anthologies of the Macedonian poetry. He has been included in many anthologies of the Contemporary Macedonian poetry.